Who Makes the Motherboard?

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To determine the manufacturer of your motherboard, view the documentation that was included with your computer. Most computers include a manual for the motherboard, and this manual is typically the best source of information about your hardware, motherboard, and BIOS. If you do not have this manual, contact the manufacturer of your computer to determine the manufacturer of your motherboard.

Lastly, if you cannot determine the name of the manufacturer of your motherboard by using the preceding methods, note that most manufacturers display BIOS information on the screen when you start your computer during the Power On Self Test (POST). However, there is no standard as to where or when the information is displayed. Generally, this information is displayed while the memory is being counted and tested.

Note that this information may appear anywhere on the screen, and this is determined by the manufacturer's design. For example, American Megatrends Inc. almost always displays BIOS information at the bottom of the screen in the form of a very long string of numbers. Award, another BIOS manufacturer, usually displays BIOS information near the top of the screen with the Award logo.

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