What is USB Pen Drive?

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USB flash drives are also known as “pen drives“, “flash drives“, “USB drives“, “USB sticks” and a wide variety of other names. They are also sometimes incorrectly called memory sticks.

A Pen Drive is a compact, removable storage device just like a floppy disk or a CD. Instead of the floppy device or the CD ROM that are used for reading a floppy disk and CD respectively, a pen drive can be plugged into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port of a computer. The USB connectivity makes the pen drive easier to use and data can be transferred faster to and from the pen drive.

USB Pen Drive is available in a range of capacities (and in some cases, with an MP3 player built-in) this handy little gizmo can save all those data-transfer hassles. The USB Pen Drive is shock-proof, dust-proof and weighing a mere 21 grams, it needs no batteries, has no moving parts and is available in the range of 32MB to a massive 8GB.

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