What is Twicco?

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Twicco.jp is a group and community feature for Twitter (currently available only in Japan). In Loic Le Meur's demo video you can see it lets users create and follow a group instead of an individual account. Twitter Japan, a joint venture with Digital Garage, was already differentiating itself from the US version with ads in the feeds and therefor a monetization option right from the beginning.

In Twicco, groups are called communities. You can create your own “community” by:

1. Pick a category from the directory.
2. Create a new Twitter account for your community.
3. Send a request addition from the category page.
4. Enter your main Twitter account for verification.

The popular community list on the home page includes @iphonefan, @cnet_japan, @toycameras, and @cat_fan.

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