What is Tablet PC?

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Tablet computers are self contained pen-driven computers generally for specific purposes, environments and user needs and include a liquid crystal display screen (LCD) positioned in sealing engagement behind an aperture formed into the front housing of the housing assembly. A tablet computer has a flat, plane box shaped main body, and does not have keyboards as standard equipment, and has a tablet that also serves as displays provided on their fronts. Selected conventional electronics are positioned within the interior volume of the housing assembly with output connectors as required disposed through the central wall of the rear housing.

The tablet PC may have a touch display panel and may be able to connect to another PC through a cabled or a wireless means. Among other ways of entering textual information, Tablet PC users will often use a stylus, also referred to herein as a pen, to write on a display area of the Tablet PC. Such a pen or stylus may also be used as a pointing device directly on the screen or above the screen to make various in-air gestures. To operate the tablet PC, which is similar to common writing types, a special pen is used with a touch display screen to perform various operating procedures. The pen-based input devices fall into two broad categories defined by the type of tablet input device employed. The first type of tablet input device is a transparent overlay that sits on top of the graphics display so that the graphics display image is viewable through the tablet. The active area of the tablet input device correspondingly maps to the graphics display area. The second type of tablet input device is a digitizing table with an opaque tablet that sits off to the side of the graphics display. Similarly to the transparent overlay tablet input device, the active area of the tablet corresponds to the graphics display area. Graphical user interfaces or GUIs are becoming increasingly popular with computer users. Many people find that computers having GUIs are easier to learn and use than comparable computers without GUIs. Typically, graphical images can be input into the pen computer systems by merely moving the stylus across the surface of the screen, i.e. making a “stroke” on the screen. The pen input operation may be performed on a desk, or by holding the pen in one hand and supporting the computer with the other hand.

Tablet PCs are likely to become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Compared to a conventional laptop computer, a tablet PC is more compact in size and is more portable, since the LCD monitor and the system main board of the tablet PC are integrated together. The tablet PC changes the input habits of the computer user and advances the information industry to a new milestone. For instance, in the context of taking notes during a meeting, a Tablet PC presents less of a barrier between individuals than does a laptop computer. In addition, Tablet PC's allow for capturing of handwritten notes so that Tablet PC users are able to take notes in their own handwriting, in an unobtrusive manner similar to taking handwritten notes with a pen and paper. Tablet PCs provide a very natural way to interact with a computer, namely, by writing on it, without sacrificing the power or utility of various operating systems and/or various operating system-based desktop applications. Tablet personal computers are not limited to computers running a “Windows” operating system. Instead, a tablet PC, may run any other known, or later-developed, operating system. Because new operating systems are available that are specifically designed for this application, tablets can support all existing applications without modification, making it as powerful as it is portable. While providing the simplicity of pen and paper, tablet PC's have the potential to provide many features and benefits provided by word processors and other personal computer software, including sharing of notes among meeting participants in real-time during a meeting via a wireless communication link. The tablet PC, which combines the functions of a wireless web with a notebook computer, fills an important need in the processing of information. Due to the growing popularity of personal digital assistants and tablet computers, notebook computers are now being configured to alternatively operate as a tablet computer, with a stylus operating as the input device.

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