What is special about the iPad?

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Because of the iPad’s convenient size and lightness you are no longer tied to your desk. iPad has the size of a small book. No cords, no accessories. The iPad is always ready to use, not like laptops or desktops require booting time and login. iPad has a great battery life, about 10 hours.

You can use an iPad for surfing the Internet, stopping by a social network as Facebook or watching YouTube videos. iPad is great for watching movies!

Apple and app providers update their application software for free as soon as a new version becomes available.

Below some useful things you can use the iPad for:

  • Read books and create a bookshelf
  • Check the news, newspaper
  • Check the television guide
  • Place Internet calls
  • Navigate   the web or get directions
  • Learn to cooking
  • Learn a new language
  • Use the iPad as a pocket calculator
  • Play games
  • Watch photos and videos


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