What is Software?

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Software refers to programs stored in a computer. In other words, software is a collection of computer programs and instructions that allows hardware (machine) to perform a task.

Software comes in form of ordered sequence of instructions, which are executed as needed by each part of the computer (monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, CPU, CD-ROM, hard drive, etc.).

Software Classification

Software can be divided into three main categories:

  1. System Software
  2. Application software
  3. Programming Software

System Software

System Software is the basic software installed in a computer. System software is a set of programs that control the computer. It is responsible for managing and allocating hardware resources. An example of System Software is the Operative System.

Application Software

Application software is a program to control and manage the various tasks performed by computers. Software application creates a friendly environment between the computer and the user. They perform tasks as word processing, database management, and others.

Programming Software

Programming software is used by programmers to develop the programming languages necessary to run computer software.  Some examples of programming software are interpreters, compilers, linkers, and text editors.

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