What is Projector Lamp?

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A projector is a type of image display apparatus that projects and displays an image, which is formed on a display device. A projector generally include a light source and an optical system projecting and enlarging an image onto a screen, and is divided into several types, a CRT (cathode ray tube) projectors, transmissive and reflective liquid crystal projectors utilizing LCD (liquid crystal display) devices, and DLP (digital light processing) projectors utilizing DMD (digital micromirror device) devices. The CRT-type projector comprises a CRT assembly projecting an image beam, a mirror reflecting the projected beam, and a screen on which the reflected beam is displayed as a picture. The LCD projector (hereinafter referred to as an “LCD projector”) comprises a liquid crystal panel, a light source lamp for backlight arranged on a rear surface of the liquid crystal panel, a signal processing circuit, and a power supply circuit are provided in a casing of a liquid crystal projector. Presentations using multimedia projection systems have become popular for conducting sales demonstrations, business meetings, and classroom instruction.

When a projector lamp is hot and off or hot and on, never move the projector or jar it in any way. Because the light source, the supply circuit, and the lamp drive circuit are heat sources that generate heat in operation. Projectors are usually equipped with a cooling system that takes in cooling air from the exterior of the casing to cool the components in the casing. High-intensity discharge arc lamps are high-intensity, high-temperature light sources. A typical example of such a light source is the high-pressure mercury vapor lamp, which has an internal pressure of 200 atmospheres and an operating temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The cooling systems are generally classified into an optical-system cooling system, a light-source cooling system, a power-supply and lamp-drive-circuit cooling system.

The projector lamp is not lighting up if there is no light coming out of the lens but the fan can be heard within the projector, this means the projector lamp has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. Projector lamp, like air filters, can often be replaced by the owner. A projector lamp relies on an intense light bulb, called a metal halide bulb, to produce a brilliant white light.

A slide projector lamp typically costs between 190 and 300 USD. Installing a projector bulb can be very easy and will make a difference in the life span of your bulb. Replacing the projector lamp on a HP digital projector to reduce the risk of severe burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes before replacing the lamp. A new projector lamp can be installed at any time to bring the projector up to factory fresh brightness. The projector lamp is rated for 2000 hours, though it does and can last a lot longer in most cases. The simplicity and the options that the projector provides make it well worth the investment, and you will not be disappointed if you can find one. A projector lamp in almost any projector is the one part that really must work exceedingly well for the projector to be well received.

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