What is Programming Software?

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Programming software is a set of tools that allows developing software applications, it is used by programmers and software developers to create, debug and maintain applications.

Programming software is a subset of the system software, but because of its increasing use and demand, it is treated as a separate category.

There are many type of programming software, among the most important ones are:

  1. Compilers are applications that translate source code into machine language; in a way that computer can understand those instructions. Compilers generate objects that are combined and converted into executable programs.
  2. Debuggers help monitor a program execution and make a follow up line by line. The source code is compiled and executed partially, allowing the developer to track the instructions that are executed at a given time. Debuggers also allow control, change or assign values ​​to variables used in a program.
  3. Interpreters execute instructions written in programming languages. An interpreter translates high-level instructions into an intermediate language that is executed by the computer.
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