What is computer display monitor?

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A computer display monitor, usually called simply a monitor, is an output device that is part of your computer's display system. A cable connects the monitor to a video adapter (video card) that is installed in an expansion slot on your computer�s motherboard. This system converts signals into text and pictures and displays them on a TV-like screen (the monitor).

A monitor a physical unit that is separate from other parts of the computer. Notebook computers don’t have monitors because all the display and related parts are integrated into the same physical unit with the rest of the computer. In practice, the terms monitor and display are used interchangably.

There are many ways to classify monitors. The most basic is in terms of color capabilities, which separates monitors into three classes:

monochrome: Monochrome monitors actually display two colors, one for the background and one for the foreground. The colors can be black and white, green and black, or amber and black.

gray-scale: A gray-scale monitor is a special type of monochrome monitor capable of displaying different shades of gray.

color: Color monitors can display anywhere from 16 to over 1 million different colors. Color monitors are sometimes called RGB monitors because they accept three separate signals — red, green, and blue.

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