What is Client/Server Database Model?

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The terms client/server can be used to refer to very general concepts or specific items of hardware or software. Technically, it refers to any two cooperating processes.

Aclient is any component of a system that requests services or resources from other system components.

A server is any system component that provides services or resources to other system components.

For example, when you print a document from your workstation on a network, the workstation is the client and the print spooling machine is the server.

In a client/server model, the database server is responsable for the following:

  • Processing data modification and retrieval requests.
  • Performing data-intensive processing.
  • Enforcing all database rules and constrains.
  • Enforcing data security.

In a client/server model, the database client is responsable for the following:

  • Presenting the data to the user in an easily and useful format.
  • Providing an interface to the various tools, data, and reports.
  • Submitting requests to the server.
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