What is the Classification of Software?

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Software is a collection of computer programs and instructions that enable a computer to perform a task. There are different types of software, but mainly falls into three  categories: system software, application software and programming software.

  • System software is the one used to manage and control hardware components. System software is responsible for the smooth running of all computer components as well as tools used to speed up or protect a computer. There are several types of system software as:
    • Operative System
    • Utility Software
    • Device drivers
  • Application software allows users interact with the computer in order to perform one or more tasks. There are several categories of software applications:
    • General-purpose application software (Office Word, Excel, etc)
    • Special-purpose application software (educational systems, medical, etc.)
  • Programming software allows application developers use programming languages ​​to create, maintain or run programs. There are several types of software programming as:
    • Programming languages ​​(Visual Basic, C + +, Perl, etc)
    • Library programs
    • Compilers, assemblers and interpreters.
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