What is ANSI (American National Standards Institute)? Definition

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What does ANSI stands for? The acronym ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute.

What is ANSI? Definition: ANSI is a private non-profit organization for fostering the development of technology standards in the United States. Founded in 1918, ANSI represents more than 125,000 companies and 3.5 million professionals.

ANSI oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that used by businesses in nearly every sector. It sets standards for a wide range of areas from construction, manufacturing, energy, technology, programming languages, electrical, communication protocols and more.

ANSI is also actively engaged in accrediting programs that assess conformance to standards such as the ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14000 (environmental) management systems.

ANSI promotes the use of U. S. standards internationally, advocates U.S. policy and technical positions in international and regional standards organizations and encourages the adoption of international standards as national standards where these meet the needs of the user community.

ANSI is the U.S. member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

Computer standards from ANSI include the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).

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What is ANSI (American National Standards Institute)? DefinitionWhat is ANSI (American National Standards Institute)? DefinitionWhat is ANSI (American National Standards Institute)? Definition

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