What can I use the iPad for?

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iPad is light and portable, it allows you surf the Internet, stop by a social network as Facebook or watch YouTube videos. Below some useful things you can use the ipad for:

Read books and create a bookshelf
With the iPad you can read electronic books. Apple’s iBooks platform is integrated with iTunes and provides access to thousands of books. You can also listen to audio books.

Read the News
With the iPad you can read the newspaper by downloading the app of your daily newspaper.

Check the TV guide
You can download a TV guide app to check your favorite TV magazines. So, you do not need more physical TV magazines, saving some money every month.

Place a call or video chat
iPad 2 and 3 has two video cameras integrated. Between the two, you can easily back and forth change. You can use Skype for video telephony, or video chat on Facebook or Google+. Apple has already integrated a program called “Face Time” that allows video calls.

Get directions
Since an iPad is so compact, you can take it anywhere. You can access to Google Maps and find the directions to go the place you are looking for, and also search nearby cafes, restaurants, petrol stations, and more.

Lear new topics
There are plenty of high-quality learning courses, some of them to buy or for free.

Play Games
The iPad is great as a recreational equipment. Since you can take the iPad anywhere, makes playing a lot more fun.

Watch photos and videos
The iPad can also be used to display photos and videos. On the iPad you can show your friends a slide show of your latest photos.

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