What are the Disadvantageous of HTML emails?

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Different email clients or browsers display HTML message differently. Therefore, not everyone can open and view your content just as you intended it to be. If you only design around Outlook and Internet Explorer you’re ignoring potential viewers with various other clients.

Most of the time standard HTML formats work just fine but will be quite a problem using Flash, iFrames and scripts of any kind–depending on user's clients security settings. Many ISP free mail like “Hotmail” don’t allow Flash, iFrames, scripts, etc., to get though to the recipient and not using those features should be considered seriously.

Most people choose rich-text enabled mail clients, but to prevent virus from spreading, many corporations system delivers email as text only or are constrained by policy to to disperse HTML emails as text message, hence, your HTML email will look like goobegook.

HTML formatted email don’t contain Text, therefore, some ISPs automatically filter and delete anything without text in the body of the email. Notes: delete not bounced–hence you won’t know if the message actually got to the intended recipient.

Some version of Lotus Notes can’t read HTML either or when system administrators set their software program or mail server to accept and deliver only plain-text email.

Most America Online (AOL) users also cannot read HTML-enabled email (except for those using AOL 6.0 and above) because AOL uses a proprietary and non standard HTML format as well as non POP3 compliant. — Meaning that, only sender and recipient within AOL system will be able to view each other AOL proprietary HTML emails.

Notes: Windows Me OS are known to have a bit of conflict with the older version of AOL 7.0 – therefore, to be able to view HTML emails from other sources (outside other senders of HTML emails) you will need to install the latest AOL 7.0 and not those early released CDs (7.0) version.

Important notes
AOL. Hotmail, Yahoo etc. expend huge effort to block mass or bulk email from getting to their users. One of the ways to avoid sending HTML and to mix your AOL customers together with other email domain–meaning that if your email list database consist of only AOL addresses, it will be difficult to get them delivered.

HTML email takes longer to send and receives because it contains more embedded codes, commands and images. And as always, load times are a factor because as everyone knows, the longer it takes your email webpage to load, the less likely someone wants to view it.

Pleasing All of the People All of the Time
Ideally, you’d send the HTML mail to everyone who can view it and the plain-text to everyone who can’t. How to achieve this optimal arrangement? Simply ask them for their preference with a HTML or TEXT check box.

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