What are Dynamic Microphones?

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Dynamic microphones are also called moving-coil microphones. Dynamic microphones tend to be heavier, larger, and less sensitive than most other types. They are extremely durable, dependable, and can withstand high sound pressure levels. Dynamic mics are versatile because they don’t require a power source. Because of these qualities, they are found in many applications.

Dynamic Microphone’s Working Procedure:

  1. Sound waves hit the diaphragm of the mic.
  2. The very sensitive diaphragm vibrates.
  3. Vibrations move the coil of wire attached to the diaphragm.
  4. The coil is suspended around a magnet.
  5. Magnets have a naturally occurring magnetic field. As the coil moves, it disrupts the pattern of the magnetic field.
  6. As the coil cuts across the magnetic field lines, an electrical current is induced in the coil. This is an example of electromagnetic principles. Because the coil is moved in proportion to the sound wave intensity, the electrical current is representative of the wave’s amplitude. The sound wave is transduced into an electrical signal.
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