What are Device Drivers?

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Device drivers are also known as computer drivers or system drivers. A device driver is a small utility software that helps the operating system and other applications to identify and communicate with hardware.

In other words, device drivers serve as a liaison between the operating system and a device connected to the computer, either keyboard, monitor, printer, or any other.

A device driver is part of the system software. Usually, the operating system includes all device drivers needed to run basic components, such as mouse and keyboard, while peripheral manufacturers offer discs with drivers that allow you install your product.

For example, printers come with an installation disk that contains all files needed to operate the device,  after the installation program or setup is executed, the operating system recognize the new device and the printer is available for use.

When restoring a computer, it is important to have the original restore DVD, in case there is no DVD; it was lost or damaged; remember, most of drivers needed for video, sound, network cable and wireless network are available to download from the manufacturer website.

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