What are Wireless Keyboards?

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A keyboard is the part of a computer system that enables the user to control certain aspects of the computer. It allows a user to enter data, compose written verbiage and do other useful tasks. When a user depresses a key on a keyboard, a change in the current flowing through the circuit associated with that key occurs. In the keyboard, a number of key switches corresponding to the keys are arranged in matrix on the intersections of drive lines and receive lines.

The keyboard includes one or more keys with symbols such as the letters A to Z and numbers and punctuation marks. A keyboard may also typically includes additional keys of various sizes such as a space bar, an enter key and the like. The keyboard is provided with a microcontroller which performs predetermined processing in response to key press and key release operations. Depending on which key circuit carries the signal to the microcontroller, the microcontroller generates a number, called a scan code. Each key has a unique scan code....