What is Twicco?

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Twicco.jp is a group and community feature for Twitter (currently available only in Japan). In Loic Le Meur's demo video you can see it lets users create and follow a group instead of an individual account. Twitter Japan, a joint venture with Digital Garage, was already differentiating itself from the US version with ads in the feeds and therefor a monetization option right from the beginning.

In Twicco, groups are called communities. You can create your own “community” by:...

How to Tweet Your RSS Feed?

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If you want to have an RSS feed automatically tweeted to your Twitter account as it is published you can use a service called TwitterFeed to do this. It allows you to customise how often to post on your behalf.

Twitter is a great resource to get extra traffic by posting all the RSS feed inside in just one click if you are a blog owner, or just to get more twitter followers by twitting RSS feed from popular blogs. To tweet RSS feed we will need feald RSS twitter tool, feald RSS twitter is a beta version and, feald RSS twitter tool tweets from any wordpress RSS, feald RSS twittering tool is not supports feedburner and other RSS grabbers feeds, it tweets only originally syndicated RSS. So you can browse the web for your niche, for example you are twittering regularly about SEO, or you are promoting SEO products, you can search in google “SEO blog”, find their RSS url ( http://someblog.com/feed or click on subscribe to full rss feeds icon ), check out that RSS has original domain and not feedburner and another grabbers, RSS url should start with http://someblog.com, and not http://feedburner.bla.com...

How can I put Twitter updates in Facebook?

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To link Twitter with Facebook, you must:

Step 1: Search for “Twitter” in Facebook's search field....

How To Find Twitter Users in Your Niche?

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Finding people that use Twitter who are interested in your niche is actually quite easy. You just have to get a little creative with a Twitter Search Engine. Simply enter some keywords related to your niche, focusing especially on current hot topics or trends. The search engine will bring back all recent tweets containing those terms then all you need to do is look at the tweet and if it looks relevant click through to the user profile to see what other things that user tweets about.

For example, to find people in this niche I searched for things such as ‘thirty day challenge’, ‘blog mastermind’, ‘affiliate marketing’ and so on....

Can I Organize Twitter Followers?

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You can not organize your twitter followers from Twitter. There is a utility called CrowdStatus that allows you to categorize your Twitter followers into crowds so you could have a crowd for work colleagues, another for family and so on. It then displays tweets neatly grouped into their crowds.

Here are some tools to help you investigate your tweeps and make an informed decision about whether to keep following them....

How to Setup Twitter Notifications?

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It's always nice to know when people are talking about you. On the web and in the blogosphere you can setup a Google alert but that does not cover Twitter.

There is a service called Twilert which acts just like Google alerts but for Twitter. Setup alerts on your name, brand, products or whatever and you will be notified by email when these terms are tweeted....

How do you get twitter followers?

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There are lots of ways. First of all if you have a web presence such as a website or blog, make sure you advertise your Twitter profile prominently. This can just be a simple text link like I use in my sidebar. For WordPress blogs you can take this a step further and use a widget to display your latest tweets.

If you don't have a web presence try some blog commenting but using your Twitter Profile as your link. Also insert your link into email or forum signatures if you use those. Another way to pick up a few followers is to just follow other people in your chosen area of interest....

Can you delete your ‘tweets’ on Twitter?

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Yes! There is a little trash can icon to the right of your tweet once it's in the feed. You can also favorite your tweets via the star icon....