Why do I need a merchant account?

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A merchant account allows businessmen to accept credit card payments. These days most consumers prefer to shop using their credit/debit cards, if a merchant accepts credit cards payment, the sales could increase from 15% to 100% depending on the types of business.

Advantages of accepting credit card payment:...

How much do merchants pay to accept credit cards?

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The discount rate is one of the processing fees charged to your merchant account. There are various fees associated with having a merchant account. These could vary, depending on the type and company providing the service, but all merchant accounts have 2 main costs:...

How do I apply for a merchant account?

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Using a merchant account, a business owner has the ability to accept credit cards in virtually any retail environment, including the Internet.

To apply for a Merchant Account, all you have to do is first submit your info to the Merchant Account Provider you want to work with. To sign up, you will need:...

What is a merchant account?

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A merchant account is a special account that allows your business to accept payments by debit or credit cards and electronic payments through a Web site. You must have a merchant account if you want to be able to accept credit cards from your customers. Setting up a merchant account usually involves the bank understanding your business and working with a third-party processor to arrange a mechanism for accepting payments....

What is a payment gateway?

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A payment gateway is the link between your business merchant account and the customer's credit card. A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider, it is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal.

A payment gateway serves as the front end to your merchant account, allowing you to manage funds, transactions, and the like. It also serves as a connection between your website and your merchant account....