What is input/output or storage device?

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An input/output device is also known as storage device. These computer devices preserve information for retrieval. In other words, an storage device is capable of storing data. The term usually refers to mass storage devices, such as disk and tape drives.

There are two types of storage devices used in computers; a ‘primary storage’ device and a ‘secondary storage’ device....

What is Input Device?

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An input device is a peripheral used to transfer data from the outside world into a computer system. In other words, it is any machine that feeds data into a computer.

Input devices convert the user’s actions and analog data (sound, graphics, pictures) into digital electronic signals that can be ‘handled’ or ‘read’ by a computer. Digital data (such as from barcode readers, scanners, etc.) does not require any conversion and is input direct into a computer. It is through input devices that a user exercises control over a computer, its operations, and outputs....