What is the difference between STV, ETV, and HDTV?

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Standard Definition TV (SDTV)

SDTV is the basic level of quality display and resolution for both analog and digital. Transmission of SDTV may be in either the traditional (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) format. Digital SDTV provides pictures and sound comparable to the best available analog TV....

What is the difference between DTV, HDTV, and SDTV?

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“DTV” is a general reference to Digital Television, as compared to “analog” Television. DTV broadcasts can be either HDTV (high-definition television) or SDTV (standard-definition television). HDTV can broadcast at resolutions typically as high as 1920 by 1080 pixels (2 million pixels), whereas the resolutions of SDTV broadcasts are typically only as high as 640 by 480 pixels (290,000 pixels).

In comparison, analog television produces a total of about 210,000 pixels. Broadcasters and cable providers can choose which format of DTV they transmit, and most DTV's and new HDTV set-top boxes will be able to receive the signal regardless of which format is transmitted. Note, however, that your standard analog TV set will not be able to receive DTV signals (neither HDTVnor SDTV). ...

What is HDTV?

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HDTV short for high definition television is a television display technology that provides picture quality similar to 35 mm. movies with sound quality similar to that of today’s compact disc. Some television stations have begun transmitting HDTV broadcasts to users on a limited number of channels.

HDTV generally uses digital rather than analog signal transmission. However, in Japan, the first analog HDTV program was broadcast on June 3, 1989. The first image to appear was the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor. It required a 20 Mhz channel, which is why analog HDTV broadcasting is not feasible in most countries....

What is HDTV USB?

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The Mini HDTV USB is an add-in USB device that turns your computer into an HDTV Theater. If you still have analog Cable TV in your house you can also use the Mini HDTV USB to receive normal TV and Cable broadcasts in addition to HDTV broadcasts.

A HDTV USB allows you to:...