What is Programming Software?

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Programming software is a set of tools that allows developing software applications, it is used by programmers and software developers to create, debug and maintain applications.

Programming software is a subset of the system software, but because of its increasing use and demand, it is treated as a separate category....

What is Application Software?

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Application software uses the computer capabilities to perform a specific task. Application software allows manipulate text, numbers, graphics and audio or video files. Application software is often used for commercial purposes, it is found in education, business and health sectors.

Application software is also known as “application” or “app”. Some examples of application software are Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and Internet Explorer. Most of users are familiar with some kind of application software, since generally many of us have used some kind of computer application....

What is System Software?

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System software is responsible for controlling, integrating and managing the hardware components of a computer system, providing a friendly environment for users to run other software applications.

System software is a set of software programs that allow users to interact with devices without getting lost in the technical complexity of the equipment. These programs are the basis of software architecture, including the parts that regulate the functions of input/output....

What is Software?

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Software refers to programs stored in a computer. In other words, software is a collection of computer programs and instructions that allows hardware (machine) to perform a task.

Software comes in form of ordered sequence of instructions, which are executed as needed by each part of the computer (monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, CPU, CD-ROM, hard drive, etc.)....