If I Have Cable Do I Need A Converter Box?

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TVs connected to cable, satellite, or other pay services do not require a TV converter box from this program to receive programs after February 17, 2009. Check with your cable or satellite provider to determine how they will support your analog set after February 17, 2009. Time Warner, Comcast and Direct TV Cable are already broadcasting digital programming.

The cable companies have agreed to continue to furnish analog versions of the locally available over the air digital TV until 2012, or to furnish converter boxes. What they choose to do regarding any other analog TV they presently have, is up to them....

What is a Digital to Analog Converter Box?

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A Digital to Analog Converter Box or Digital Television (DTV) Converter Box is an electronic device that converts the new free over-the-air digital signal into an analog signal viewable on older “analog” television set.

A digital to analog converter box will not give you a digital picture on an analog TV set, but will not convert your analog TV set into a high definition TV, also known as a HDTV....