Which is the computer mouse History?

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The computer mouse was invented by the Dr. Douglas Engelbart. He first demonstrated the device called, at the time, an “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System” at a computer conference in San Francisco in 1968. Engelbart made a small, brick-like mechanism with one button on top and two wheels on the underside. The two wheels detected horizontal and vertical movement, and the unit was somewhat difficult to maneuver. The unit was linked to the computer by a cable so the motion signals could be electrically transmitted to the computer for viewing on the monitor.

By 1973, Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center, or PARC, develop the Alto personal computer. The wheels on the mouse's undercarriage had been replaced by a single, free-rolling ball; and two more buttons (for a total of three) had been added to the top. The device was called both a mouse and a pointing device, and Xerox combined it with its Alto computer, one of the first personal computers. The Alto had a graphical user interface (GUI); that is, the user pointed to icons, or picture symbols, and lists of operations called menus and clicked on them to cause the computer to open a file, print, and perform other functions. This method of operating the computer was later adapted by Macintosh and Windows operating systems....

Who invented the computer mouse?

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The computer mouse was invented in 1963 at the Stanford Research Institute, USA, by the Dr. Douglas Engelbart, and developed by the Xerox Corporation in the 1970s. The first was made of wood; the Microsoft mouse was introduced in 1983, and the Apple Macintosh mouse in 1984.

Douglas Engelbart invented or contributed to several interactive, user-friendly devices: the computer mouse, windows, computer video teleconferencing, hypermedia, groupware, email, the Internet and more....

What is computer mouse?

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A computer mouse is a small device that comes standard with most modern computers. It is a pointing device used to move a cursor around a computer screen. A mouse consists of a small case, held under one of the user’s hands, with one or more buttons placed on the top of the mouse that enables you to manipulate objects on the screen and make menu selections.

The mouse is an important element of the graphical user interfaces (GUI) systems. It was invented by Doug Engelbart and presented at the Fall Joint Computer Conference held in San Francisco in 1968. Complex mouse gestures have been developped by software designers and the mouse has been enhanced with additionnal buttons and wheels to suit user’s needs....