Should I buy an iPad or a Laptop?

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iPad is a mix between a laptop and a mobile phone. If you need a device just to surf the Internet, access to Facebook, watch videos, or play some games. The iPad is perfect. But as interesting as the iPad is, it cannot do be a laptop replacement.

If you are thinking of carrying out a lot of emailing, documentation and editing information, then a laptop is the best bet for you.

For writing documents, creating presentations -generally productive work- a laptop is better option. For video or picture editing, there are a lot of good apps for iPad but the professional Photoshop version works better in a computer.

If you are a student or worker buy a laptop as it allows you perform all the productive tasks. And buy an iPad for all the fun or simply because it is easy to carry on.

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Should I buy an iPad or a Laptop?Should I buy an iPad or a Laptop?Should I buy an iPad or a Laptop?

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