Need a Projector rental in Fort Lauderdale?

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To rent a projector in Fort Lauderdale just call CAVSI at (786)220-1752. Professional service warranty. We specialize in all type of events including birthday parties, weddings, trade shows, and corporate events. We will make sure that your event is exactly what you expected or better.

For a complete setup is advisable show your presentation or video over a projection screen or you may use a white and clean wall as a screen.

Projector Rental Fort Lauderdale

CAVSI has everything you need for your conference or event. Also available conference packages that include video projectors, projection screen, speakers, microphones and other audio visual equipment. A projector and screen can be rented as a standalone or as part of a package.

For more information about our projector rentals in Fort Lauderdale visit:


To learn more about other equipment we rent, visit the below link:


Have some questions? Please, call us at (786)220-1752

We are proactive with our clients and will be you have a professional setup to sure your audience can hear you clearly and see your presentation with ease. At CAVSI our clients can expect the lowest rates and the best projector rentals on the market.

CAVSI provides projector and screen rental as well as other AV equipment rental in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

We also provide av rental services in Ft Lauder and all around South Florida.

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