How to Tweet Your RSS Feed?

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If you want to have an RSS feed automatically tweeted to your Twitter account as it is published you can use a service called TwitterFeed to do this. It allows you to customise how often to post on your behalf.

Twitter is a great resource to get extra traffic by posting all the RSS feed inside in just one click if you are a blog owner, or just to get more twitter followers by twitting RSS feed from popular blogs. To tweet RSS feed we will need feald RSS twitter tool, feald RSS twitter is a beta version and, feald RSS twitter tool tweets from any wordpress RSS, feald RSS twittering tool is not supports feedburner and other RSS grabbers feeds, it tweets only originally syndicated RSS. So you can browse the web for your niche, for example you are twittering regularly about SEO, or you are promoting SEO products, you can search in google “SEO blog”, find their RSS url ( or click on subscribe to full rss feeds icon ), check out that RSS has original domain and not feedburner and another grabbers, RSS url should start with, and not

Copy this URL and go to feald RSS Twitter enter your twitter username and password and feed url, click on tweet and your twitter account will be updated with latest RSS entries. Feald RSS twitter tool significantly saves your time when you want to tweet more than one URL from your favourite blog. Another great feature of RSS Twitter is twittering youtube RSS to your account, you can grab RSS feed from and to tweet all the videos related to your niche.

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