How to install a PCI Wireless Network Card?

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A PCI wireless adapter card connects to a desktop computer’s PCI bus contained inside the computer:

  1. Turn off the computer and unplugged it.
  2. Open the computer’s case and locate an available slot on the motherboard and gently push the card into the slot until it snaps and holds place. If the antenna is attached to the PCI adapter you may unscrew it before plugging in the computer.
  3. Once the network card has been physically installed into the computer, place the case back. Attach the external antenna to the adapter’s antenna port and make sure that the antenna is positioned straight up into the air at a 90º angle from the adapter. This will ensure optimum wireless operating range and performance.
  4. Turn the computer on and install the drivers for the Network card. If using Windows as Operative System, it will recognize the newly added hardware and pop up a “Found New Hardware” dialog to complete. Insert the driver CD that came with the network and click through the rest of the new hardware setup wizard to complete the installation. Alternatively, the necessary software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s Web site.
  5. Restart the computer. Once the computer has rebooted, the network adaptor is ready to use.
  6. To select a wireless network you will need a Wireless network name (SSID) and a Wireless security key or password. Right-click the icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen and select View Available Wireless Networks

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What is a Network Card?

A network card also called Ethernet card, Network Adapter, Network Interface Card, or NIC. A network card acts as the interface between a computer and the rest of devices that forms the network.

What types of Ethernet Card there are?

Ethernet cards are also known as network interface cards or network adapters. Ethernet cards are available in several forms:
ISA cards were the first standard for PCs, requiring users to open their computer case for installation

What is the function of a Network Card?

The primary function of a network interface card is to provide a physical link to a computer network. A network card is the physical interface between the computer and the network cable.

How to Enable or Disable a Network Adapter?

Network adapters can normally be enable or disabled through their software.  When a network connection suddenly stops functioning, disabling and re-enabling it can repair the problem.

How to install a PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter?

Most laptops have wireless networking built-in. But if you need to install a wireless network adapter, check out the below instructions:
Insert the wireless card into the available PCMCIA slot of the laptop. There is no need to shut down the laptop.

How to install a USB Network Adapter?

A network adapter card is required to connect a computer to a network or Internet. Most computers have wireless networking built-in. Older computers may need to have a network adapter added to them before using them on a network. USB Network adapters can come in different models.

How to install an Internal PCI Network Adapter?

Some old desk computers may need a network adapter added to them before be able to access a network. To install and Internal Network Adapter follow the below steps:
Ensure the computer is powered down and unplugged.

How verify if a Network Adapter is working properly?

First of all if a Network Adapter has been installed and set up properly in a computer, this will have Internet access. For computers running Windows open the Windows Device Manager.

How to know if a Network Adapter is installed in my computer?

You may determine whether a computer already possesses a network adapter looking for an RJ-45 jack on the back of the computer. The RJ-45 jack appears similar to a phone line jack but is slightly larger.

How many types of Network Adapters there are?

A network adapter interfaces a computer to a network. It is typically a small unit of hardware and can be found in different forms as:
PCI adapters fit inside a desktop personal computer often called simply NIC

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