How Does the Nintendo Wii Work?

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Nintendo Wii uses infrared technology to communicate with a wireless remote control, and it is the remote control of this console that separates it from the pack.

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This console device uses a wireless, motion-sensitive controller that allows players to use their motions to control and play the game using a totally new controlling concept – no buttons, no cursors – the machine simply tracks the movements in space.

The architecture inside the Nintendo Wii uses technology very similar to your laptop and wireless router. It uses MEMS technology for motion detection and uses SD card technology to help players transfer saved games, photos and other data to a secondary storage unit. There is also in use a variety of peripheral capabilities and different ports for connection while the Nintendo Wii uses Wi-Fi to talk to a wireless access point for Internet access.

The remote controller is very fast. You can move from one side of the screen to the other with a quick flick of the wrist. It is is very accurate: Things respond exactly as you expect. And it lends itself naturally to new game-playing paradigms. Playing a sword-fighting or fishing game with a joystick is clunky. Playing it with a controller that can be swung like a sword or a fishing pole is completely natural.

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