How accurate are the Alexa rankings?

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Alexa ranking is not accurate, and can be manipulated. Alexa data is based on a statistical sample consisting of website users who have downloaded the Alexa Toolbar. Alexa provides reach rank data for the day, previous week, and previous three months.

Alexa does not provide information about their total population of toolbar users, but an analysis of Alexa data reveals this information by other means. Many Alexa users are webmasters and marketing junkies. They install it on their own systems, and their own heavy use of their own pages causes their Alexa page rank to rise.

For every Alexa toolbar user that visits a page, Alexa may assume that another nine non-toolbar users visited the same page. For every 100 toolbar visitors, Alexa may estimate 900 non-toolbar users are also visiting the same page within the same 24-hour period.

If you happen to drive a higher percentage of traffic from Alexa toolbar users vs non-toolbar users to your site, you can increase your Alexa rating faster. Alexa doesn’t account for users preferences or habits. Toolbar users tend to visit particular types of sites more frequently…users like webmasters or internet savvy marketers. So if you are an internet entrepreneur and you attract similar people to your website, most likely they will have the toolbar installed which would inflate the Alexa rating.

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