AIS (Advanced Information Security) – What is AIS?

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What is AIS (Advanced Information Security)? Definition

AIS is a computer security certification for the network IT and security professional that focuses on assessing security risks and prevention of security breaches.

Advance Information Security certification is offered by Security University. It is an advanced course that requires expert knowledge of security technologies.

How to become AIS certified (Advanced Information Security)?

To get the AIS certification you must attend eight classes. You must pass an exam upon completion of each course.

AIS certification is broken down into two different areas of focus: Computer Security Fundamentals (4 classes) and Anti-Hacking Certification (4 classes).

AIS courses focus on planning and implementing security technologies and applications besides their building and maintenance. This is an expert or specialist level certificate which certifies an individual’s proficiency in security technologies, thereby requiring an in-depth knowledge if security applications and other relevant technologies.

Cost: Exams are included in the price of the course. Class prices run $1,200 to $2,500 each.

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