What is ACK (Acknowledgement)? Definition

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Meaning: The acronym ACK stands for Acknowledgement.

Definition: ACK is a short message to inform the sender that data has arrived at the desired destination. The message may indicate data arrived safely, or it had problems to reach the destination.

In data networking, an acknowledgement is a signal passed between communicating processes or computers to signify acknowledgment, or receipt of response, as part of a communications protocol.

The acknowledgement function is used in the automatic repeat-request (ARQ) function. Acknowledgement frames are numbered in coordination with the frames that have been received, and then sent to the transmitter. This allows the transmitter to remain within the window size of the receiver’s buffers, and to become aware of any missed frames.

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What is ACK (Acknowledgement)? DefinitionWhat is ACK (Acknowledgement)? DefinitionWhat is ACK (Acknowledgement)? Definition

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