ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) – What is ACE?

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What is ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)? Definition

ACE certification was developed for designers, web publishers, desktop publishers, developers and other business professionals who want to demonstrate proficiency with single or multiple Adobe products.

Adobe certification is a standard of excellence in the industry and is absolutely the best way to communicate their high skills in the direction of Adobe products.

How to become an Adobe Certified Expert?

To become Adobe Certified Expert you must pass at least one of the specialization exams. To become certified as a Master, you must pass the exam for each of the products in the suite.

  • The ACE can be achieved for Illustrator, Acrobat, FrameMaker, GoLive, After Effects, InDesign, LiveMotion, PageMaker, Photoshop, and Premiere.
  • Exams are delivered via computer and consist of 60-90 multiple choice questions (closed-book).
  • Re-certification is required with each new version but Adobe offers a 25% discount on re-certification exams.

Adobe sets out three levels of proficiency level:

  1. Single product certification. Recognizes your proficiency in a single Adobe product. To qualify as an ACE, you must pass one product-specific exam as Photoshop CS5
  2. Specialist certification in a specific medium. Recognizes your proficiency in a specific medium: Print, Web or Video.
  3. Master certification recognizes certification for an entire product suite. Recognizes your skills in all Adobe product suites.

Costs: The exam costs approximately $150.

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