AcceleratedSAP Certification – What is AcceleratedSAP?

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What is AcceleratedSAP Certification?

Definition: AcceleratedSAP is a certification offered by SAP AG designed for ERP professionals who work with AcceleratedSAP.

The AcelleratedSAP certification indicates that the holder has been trained using AcceleratedSAP in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Customer Solution Strategy
  2. AcceleratedSAP Implementation, and/or
  3. Continuous Business Improvement.

How to become an AcceleratedSAP certified?

To become AcceleratedSAP certified you must:

  • Pass the exam in a desired area.
  • Exams last one hour and consist of 40 multiple choice questions.
  • Exams are administered at SAP facilities.

ASAP components, which can be used together or individually, are called accelerators. Accelerators are based on the best practices of SAP customers from around the world and consist of a number of templates, questions, and scenarios that require user input to help the user determine the best way to implement their R/3 system. According to SAP literature, ASAP can reduce the time required to implement an R/3 system by as much as 50%.

Cost: The exam costs approximately $500.

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