ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) What is ACA?

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What is ACA (Adobe Certified Associate)? Definition

An Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) credential certifies individuals have the entry-level skills to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media.

A person with an ACA certification consistently demonstrates his mastery of Adobe products and platforms, benefiting colleagues and administrators.

How to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)?

To become an Adobe Certified Associate, there are three Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exams available to choose from:

  1. ACA exam for Adobe Dreamweaver (Web Communication)
  2. ACA exam for Adobe Flash (Rich Media Communication)
  3. ACA exam for Adobe Photoshop (Visual Communication)
  4. ACA exam for Adobe Premiere (VĂ­deo Comunication)
  5. ACA exam for Adobe Illustrator (Graphic Design)
  6. ACA exam for Adobe InDesign (Print & Digital Media Publication)

Each of the following exams will validate entry-level skills in communication corresponding to the respective Adobe software.

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