10 Tips for Creating a Great Photography Slideshow

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Creating a slideshow that you can enjoy for years to come is not difficult.

Here are some hints that can help you:

  1. Know Your Audience. Knowing who your intended audience is an obvious, but sometimes overlooked step in the process of developing your slideshow.
  2. Shorter is Sometimes Better. How many pictures you would like to include in your slideshow? Slideshows that are between 8 – 12 minutes in length are ideal for a wedding or sweet sixteen receptions. This usually works out to about 3 songs and 60-80 pictures.
  3. Choose Quality Photographs. Pictures that look great printed (correct lighting, framing, developed properly) will also look great while scanned. Pictures that are extremely dark or grainy, while perhaps improved somewhat, will still not appear the best.
  4. Choose a Variety of Photographs. Using a variety of photographs can keep your audience interest.
  5. Landscape pictures show better than Portrait pictures. Given the standard 4:3 dimensions of monitors, photographs that are in landscape mode (horizontal) as opposed to portrait mode (vertical) show better in a  slideshow.
  6. Give some thought to music. Choose music that has meaning to you, music whose lyrics go well with the pictures.
  7. Add short video clips. Think about adding perhaps a 10-15 second video clip in the middle of the slide show. The video clip is a way to keep your audiences interest.
  8. Add motion to your slide shows. Consider having your slide shows created with the “Ken Burns” effects that Pan and Zoom on each photograph. This can help bring your pictures to life.
  9. Add transitions to your slide shows Transitions such as fade in/fade out, dissolve, and image peel are also an effective way to move from one photograph to the next.
  10. Test! Test! Test! If you’re planning on showing a slideshow during an event, try and test ALL the equipment prior to the big day or let CAVSI take care of that.

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10 Tips for Creating a Great Photography Slideshow10 Tips for Creating a Great Photography Slideshow10 Tips for Creating a Great Photography Slideshow

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