Computer Terms: Acronyms & Abbreviations

Computer Term English Meaning
AAC Advanced Audio Coding
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer
AARP Apple Talk Address Resolution Protocol
AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface
ABC Atanasoff-Berry Computer
ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode
ABR Available Bit Rate
AC Alternating Current
AC3 Audio Compression 3
ACF Advanced Communications Function
ACF/NCP Advanced Communications Function / Network Control Program
ACID Automicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability
ACK Acknowledgement
ACL 1) Access Control List 2) Asynchronous Connectionless Type
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACSE Asociation Control Service Element
ACTSAI Advanced Communications Technology Satellite ATM Internetwork
AD 1) Administrative Domain 2) Active Directory
ADC Analog-to-Digital Conversion
ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol
ADDMD Administrative Directory Management Domain
ADF Automatic Document Feeder
ADMD Administration Management Domain
ADO ActiveX Data Objects
ADP Authoritative Data Producer
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADS Authoritative Data Source
ADSI Active Directory Services Interface
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADSM ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager
ADSP Apple Talk Data Stream Protocol
AEP Apple Talk Echo Protocol
ADT Abstract Data Type
AET Application Entity Title
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFP Apple Talk Filing Protocol
AGP Advanced Graphics Port
AGS Advanced Gateway Server
AGS+ Advanced Gateway Server Plus
AI Artificial Intelligence
AIDC Automatic Identification and Data Capture
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
AIS Alarm Indication Signal
AJAX Asynchronous Javascript and XML
AKA Also Known As
ALGOL Algorithmic Language
ALU Arithmetic-Logic Unit
AMA Active Member Address
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
AMI American Megatrends Inc.
AMF Action Message Format
AMG Architecture Management Group
AMP Active Monitor Present
AN Access Node
ANI Automatic Number Identification
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AoE ATA over Ethernet
AOL America On-Line
AOP Association of On-line Professionals
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
API Application Programming Interface
ARD Application Requirements Document
APM Advanced Power Management
APP Applications
APPC Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications
APPC/PC Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications for Personal Computers
APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
APS Automatic Protection Switching
ARCNET Attached Resource Computer Network
ARM Asynchronours Response Mode
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request
ARU Audio Response Unit
AS Autonomous System
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASF Advanced Streaming Format
ASF Apache Software Foundation
ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASP 1) Apple Talk Session Protocol 2) Active Server Pages 3) Application Service Provider
ASPX Active Server Page Framework
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
AT 1) Advanced Technology 2) Asynchronous Transmission
ATA 1) Advanced Technology Architecture 2) Analog Terminal Adapter
ATAPI ATA Packet Interface
ATDM Asynchronous Time DeMultiplexing
ATDNet Advanced Technology Demonstration Network
ATG Address Translation Gateway
ATL Active Template Library
ATM 1) Asynchronous Transfer Mode 2) Automatic Teller Machine 3) Adobe Type Manager
ATM25 ATM at 25 Mbps
ATP Apple Talk Transaction Protocol
ATX AT Extended
AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Company
AUI Attachment Unit Interface
AURP Apple Talk Update-Based Routing Protocol
AV Anti Virus
AVI Audio Video Interleaved
AVL Automatic Vehicle Location
AVS Address Verification System
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWT Abstract Window Toolkit / Alternative Window Toolkit / Applet Widget Toolkit
A&E Architectural and Engineering
A/D Analog to Digital
A/V Audio / Video
Computer Term English Meaning
B Channel Bearer Channel
BASH Bourne Again Shell
BDCs Backup Domain Controllers
BARRNET Bay Area Regional Research NETwork
BASIC Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBS Bulletin Board System
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCNF Boyce Codd Normal Form
BCS Battery Computer System
BER 1) Base Encoding Rules 2) Bit-Error Rate
BERT Bit-Error-Rate Tester
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS Basic Input-Output System
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISYNK Binary Synchronous Communication Protocol
BIT BInary digiT
BITNET Because It's Time NETwork
BIU Basic Information Unit
BLERT Block-Error-Rate Test
BNC Bayonet Connectors
BNF Backus Normal Form
BOOTP BOOTstrapProtocol
BOOTPROM Boot Programmable Read-Only Memory
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BPEL4WS Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
BPML Business Process Modeling Language
BPR Business-Process Reengineering
bps Bits Per Second
BRI Basic Rate Interface
BPSS Business Process Specification Schema
BSC Binary Sinchronous Communication
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution
BSH Bourne Shell
BTO Build-To-Order
BTR Betting The Ranch
BYTE Binary Term
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Customer
Computer Term English Meaning
CA 1) Certification Authority 2) Computer Asociates
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAD Tools Computer Aided Design Tools
CAE 1) Computer Aided Engineering 2) Common Applications Environment
CAI Computer-Aided Instruction o Computer-Assisted Instruction
CAIRN Collaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network
CAL Client Access License
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAN 1) Campus Area Network 2) Controller Area Network
CANet CAnadian Net
CAP Carrierless Amplitude and Phase modulation
CAR Courtesy Amount Recognition
CAS 1) Central Authentication Service Collision 2) Communicating Applications Specification
CASE Computer Aided Software (o System) Engineering
CAT Computer Aided Translation
CATV Community Antenna TeleVision
CAU Controller Access Unit
CAVE Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment
CAVERN Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment Research Network
CBC Cipher Block Chaining
CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange File Format
CBI Computer-Based Instruction
CBR Constant Bit Rate
CBT Computer Based Training
CCD Charge-Coupled Device
CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
CCT Closed-Circuit Television
CCS Common Channel Signaling
CCV Credit Card Verification
CD Compact Disk
CD-I CD Interactive
CDBS Common Database Server
CDF Channel Definition Format
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDP CRL Distribution Point
CD-R CD Recordable
CDROM Compact Disc ROM
CD-ROM/XA Compact Disc - Read-Only Memory / Extended Architecture
CD-RW CD ReWritable
CD-W CD Writtable
CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interconnection
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CDPD Cellular Digital Packed Data
CDS Common Data Server
CDSL Consumer DSL
CE Conformité Européenne
CELP Code-Excited Linear Prediction
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CERN Centre Européen de Recherche Nuclair
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CF Compact Flash
CGA Color Graphics Adapter
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CICS Customer Information Control System
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CIFS Common Internet File System
CIL Common Language Infrastructure
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIO Chief Information Officer
CISC Complex Instruction Set of Commands
CIR Committed Information Rate
CIS Contact Image Sensing
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer
CIX Commercial Internet eXchange
CLR Common Language Runtime
CLUT Color Look-Up Table
CM Configuration Management
CMI Computer Managed Instruction
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Conductor
CMS Content Management System
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK
CNAC Closed Network Acces Control
CO Central Office
COBOL Common Bussines-Oriented Language
CODEC Compression / Decompression
COM Component Object Model
COO Chief Operational Officer
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CORDRA Content Object Repository Discovery and Registration Architecture
COSS Common Object Services Specification
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CP Communication Processor
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
cps characters per second
CPU Central Processing Unit
CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers
CQL 1) Common Query Language 2) Continuous Query Language
CR 1) Carriage Return 2) Change Request
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CRS Content Replication Service
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CS 1) Convergence Sublayer 2) CompuServe
CSA Common Service Area
CSC Computer Software Component
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item
CSH C Shell
CSI Called Subscriber Identifier
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNET Computer + Science NETwork
CSP Cryptographic Service Provider
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSU Computer Software Unit
CSV Comma Separated Values
CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CVP Content Vectoring Protocol
CVS Concurrent Versioning System
CVSD Continuously Variable Slope Differential Modulation
Computer Term English Meaning
D Channel Data Channel
DA Data Administrator
DA Data Analysis
DAA Digest Access Authentication
DAML DARPA Agent Markup Language
DAO Data Access Objects
DAO Data Access Objects
DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAQ Data Acquisition
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DAWG Data Access Working Group
dB Decibels
DB DataBase
DB-25 DB-25
DBA DataBase Administrator
dBm Decibels Per Meter
DBMS DataBase Management System
DBS DataBase System
DC Direct Current
DCA Document Content Architecture
DCC Direct Cable Connection
DCD Data Carrier Detect
DCE 1) Data Communications Equipment 2) Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCL Data Control Language
DCOM Distributed COM
DDBMS Distributed DataBase Management System
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDL 1) Data Description Language 2) Document Description Language 3) Direct Data Link
DDMA Distributed Direct Memory Access
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service
DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol
DDR Double Data Rate
DDR DRAM Double-Data-Rate DRAM
DDS Digital Data Service
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECnet Digital Equipment Corporation Network
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DES Data Encryption Standard
DFA Deterministic Finite Automata
DFC Data Flow Control
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DGPS Diferential GPS
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Prtocol
DIB Device Independent Bitmap
DID Direct Inward Dialing
DIF Data Interchange Format
DIMM Double In-Line Memory Module
DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm
DIP Dual In-Line Package
DIS Draft International Standard
DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture
DL DownLoad
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DMA 1) Direct Memory Access 2) Digital Message Device
DMD Directory Management Domain
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMS Document Management System
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DN Distinguished Name
DNA 1) Digital Network Architecture 2) Distributed Internet Applications/Architecture
DLP Digital Light Processing
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMT Discrete Multitone
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNS Domain Naming Service
DoD Department of Defense
DOM Document Object Model
DoS Denial of Services
DOS Disk Operating System
dp Dot Pitch
DPA Demand Priority Architecture
dpi dots per inch
DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling
DQE Data Quality Engineering
DRAM Dynamic RAM
DRC Domains Relational Calculus
DRDA 1) Distributed Relational 2) Database Architecture
DRM 1) Device Relationship Management 2) Digital Rights Management
DRDA Distributed Relational DataBase Architecture
DSA Directory Service Agent
DSD Data Structure Definition
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSN Data Source Number
DSP 1) Digital Signal Processor 2) Directory Service Protocol
DSR Data Set Ready
DSS Digital Signature Standard
DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language
DSU/CSU Data Service Unit / Channel Service Unit
DTD Document Type Definition
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTP DeskTop Publisher
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DUA Directory User Agent
DUN Dial-Up Networking
DV Digital Video
DVB Digital Video Broadcast(ing)
DVD Digital Video Disk / Digital Versatile Disk
DVD-RAM Digital Video Disk RAM
DVD-ROM Digital Video Disk ROM
DVD+RW Digital Video Disc ReWritable
DVI 1) Digital Video Input 2) Digital Video Interface
DW Data Warehouse
D/A Digital to Analog
Computer Term English Meaning
E/S ver I/O
EAN European Association for Numeration or Articles
EAS Electronic Article Surveillance
ECB Electronic CodeBook
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ECC Error-Correcting Code
ECM Enterprise Content Management
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Asociation
ECTF Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDO RAM Extended Data Out RAM
EDSM Event-Driven State Machine
EDVAC Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
EEI External Environment Interface
EFS Encrypted File System
EFTS Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP External Gateway Protocol
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EICAR European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research
EIDE Enhanced IDE
EISA Extended ISA
EJB Enterprise Java Bean
EMA Enterprise Management Architecture
email Electronic Mail
EMBM Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping
EMF Enhanced Metafile
EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMM Expand Memory Manager
EMS Expand Memory Specification
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
EOM End Of Message
EOT End Of Transmission
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPC Electronic Product Code
EPROM Erasable Programmable ROM
EPS Encapsulated Postscript
EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format
EPSS Employee Performance Support System
E-R Entity-Relationship
ERD Entity - Relationship Diagram
ERM Entity - Relationship Model
ERP Exterior Routing Protocol
ES End System
ESA Enterprise System Architecture
ESD Electronic Software Delivery
ESP External Service Provider
ETB End of Text Block
EthIR Ethernet Infra Red
ETR Early Token Release
ETX End of Text
EULA End-User License Agreement
EXIF Exchangeable Image File
Computer Term English Meaning
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAR False Accept Rate
FAT File Attribute Table
FAT16 File Attribute Table - 16 bits
FAT32 File Attribute Table - 32 bits
FC Fibre Channel
FC-AL Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interconnect
FDM Frequency Division Modulation o Multiplexing
FDX Full Duplex
FEC Fast Ethernet Channel
FIFO First In First Out
FIR Fast ethernet Infra Red
FIT Fingerprint Identification Technology
FLOPS Floting point Operation Per Second
FLV Flash Video
FM Frequency Modulation
FO 1) Fiber-Optic 2) Formatting Object
FOSS Free and Open Source Software
FP Floating Point
FPGA Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
FQHN Fully Qualified Host Name
FPU Floating Point Unit
FRAD Frame Relay Access Device
FRF Frame Relay Forum
FRFH Frame Relay Frame Handler
FRSE Frame Relay Switching Equipment
FRTE Frame Relay Terminal Equipment
FSE 1) Fast Software Encryption 2) Foundations of Software Engineering
FSK Frequency-Shift Keying
FSM Finite-State Machine
FTAM File Transfer and Access Management
FTS Full-Text Search
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FXO Foreign Exchange Office
FXS Foreign Exchange Subscriber
Computer Term English Meaning
G Graphics port
GAP Gateway Access Protocol
GARP Group Address Registration Protocol
Gb Gigabit
GB Gigabyte
GBICs Gigabit Interface Connectors
Gbps GigaBits Per Second
GCF Generic Connection Framework
GCS Global Coordinate System
GDBM GNU DataBase Manager
GDDM Graphical Data Display Manager
GDI 1) Graphics Device Interface 2) Graphical 2D/3D Interface
GHz Gigahertz
GIF Graphical Interchange Format
GigaPOP Gigabit Point of Presence
GINA Graphical Identification aNd Authentication
GIOP Generalized Inter-ORB Protocol
GIS Geographical Information System
GHz Gigahertz
GMR Giant MagnetoResistive technology
GMS Global Mobile System
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GND Ground
GNU Gnu is Not Unix
GPL General Public License
GPRS 1) General Packet Radio Service 2) Global Packet Radio Service
GPS Global Positioning Satellite
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GTLD Generic Top Level Domain
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUID Globally Unique Identifier
Computer Term English Meaning
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAN House Area Network
HANA High Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance
HBA Host Bus Adapter
HCE Hub Common Equipment
HCL Hardware Compatibility List
HCRP Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
HCV High Capacity Voice
HD 1) High Density 2) HDD
HDC Hard Disk Controller
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HDLC High-level Data Link Control Protocol
HDML Handheld Devices Markup Language
HDSL High-bit rate DSL
HDTV High Definition TV
HDX Half Duplex Transmission
HF High Frecuency
HFDF High Frequency Direction Finder
HFS Hierarchical File System
HG Harvard Graphics
HID Human Interface Devices
HiFD High capacity Floppy Disk
HLA High Level Architecture
HLS Hue, Lightness and Saturation
HMAC Hashed Message Authentication Code
HMI Human Machine Interface
HMMs Hidden Markov Models
HP Hewlett-Packard
HPC Handheld Personal Computer
HPGL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPOM Home Page Object Model
HQA Hardware Quality Assurance
HSL Hue, Saturation and Lightness
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management
HTML HyperText Markup Language
HSV Hue Saturation Value
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPD Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon
HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HWD Height, Width and Depth
Hz Hertz
H/PC Handheld PC
Computer Term English Meaning
I&T Integration and Testing
I/O Input/Output
IA .
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IAFIS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System
IANA Internet Assigner Number Authority
IAX Inter-Asterisk Exchange
IBM International Business Machines
IC Integrated Circuit
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAP Internet Content Adaptation Protocol
ICE In-Circuit Emulator
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association
ICS 1) IEEE Computer Society 2) Internet Connection Sharing
ICSA International Computer Security Association
ID Identification / Identifier / Identity
IDE 1) Integrated Drive Electronics 2) Integrated Development Environment
IDU Indoor Unit
IDT Integrated Devices Tecnology Co
IDX Index
IE Internet Explorer
IE5 Internet Explorer version 5
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IFMP Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
IGP Internal Gateway Protocol
IIS Internet Information Server
IKE Internet Key Exchange
ILM Information Lifecycle Management
ILS Internet Locator Server
ILT Instructor-Led Training
IM Instant Messaging
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMS Instructional Management System
INET InterNet
IOP Input/Output Processor
IP Internet Protocol
IPng Internet Protocol - Next Generation
IPO 1) Initial Public Offerings 2) International Purchasing Office
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPSec IP Security
IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council
IPv.6 IP version 6
IPX Internet Packet eXchange
IQoS Internet Quality of Service
IR Infra Red
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRP Interior Routing Protocol
IRQ Interrupt ReQuest
IRS Interface Requirements Specification
IRTF Internet Research Task Force
IS Information System
IS-IS Intermetdiate System to Intermediate System
ISA 1) Industry Standard Architecture 2) Integrated Services Architecture
ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAM Index-Sequential Access Method
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface
ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ISO International Standards Organization
ISO 9000 standard ISO 9000
ISO 9660 standard ISO 9660
ISP 1) Internet Service Provider 2) In-System Programming 3) International Standard Profile
ISV Independent Software Vendor
IT Information Technology
ITC Information Technology Center
ITG Information Technology Group
ITMC Interface/Time Mission Critical
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITU-T ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
IV&V Independent Verification and Validation
IVDT Integrated Voice/Data Terminal
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IVV Independent Verification and Validation
IWM Integrated Woz Machine
IXC Inter eXchange Carrier
I2O Intelligent Input/Output
Computer Term English Meaning
J2CA J2EE Connection Architecture
J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition
J2K JPEG 2000
J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition
J2MX J2EE Management Extensions
J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition
JAAS Java Authentication and Authorization Service
JAR Java ARchive
JAS Java Application Server
JCA Java Cryptography Architecture
JCE Java Cryptography Extension
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JDBC Java DataBase Conectivity
JDK Java Development Kit
JDT Java Development Tool
JEIDA Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association
JIDL Java Interface Definition Language
JIT Just In Time
JMAPI Java Management API
JMS Java Message Service
JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface
JNI Java Native Interface
JPEG Joints Photographic Experts Group
JS JavaScript (file extension)
JSA Java Security Architecture
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
JSP Java Server Page
JTA Java Transaction API
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
JTS Java Transaction Service
JVM Java Virtual Machine
Computer Term English Meaning
Kb KiloBits
KB KiloBytes
Kbps KiloBits Per Second
KHz Kilohertz
KNI Katmai New Instructions
KPA Key Process Area
KSH Korn Shell
KW KiloWatt
Computer Term English Meaning
L1 Level 1
L2 Level 2
L2CAP Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
L2F Layer 2 Forwarding
L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl
LAMS Learning Activity Management System
LAN Local Area Network
LAP Link Access Procedure
LAPB Link Access Procedure - Balanced
LAPD Link Access Procedure on the D Channel
LAPF Link Access Procedure for Frame Mode Bearer Services
LAPM Link Access Procedure for Modems
LAR Legal Amount Recognition
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LATA Local Access and Transport Area
LBS Location Based Service
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCH Luminance, Chrominance and Hue
LCN Logical Channel Number
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDDB Local Directory DataBase
LEC LAN Emulation Client
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LES LAN Emulation Server
LF Line Feed
LGPL Lesser General Public License
LIFO Last In First Out
LILO Last In - Last Out
LISP List Processing
LLC Logical Link Control
LMDS Local Multipoint Distribution Service
LMS 1) Laser Magnetic Storage 2) Learning Management System
LOM Learning Object Metadata
LOR Learning Object Repository
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPT 1) Line printer 2) Low Radiation
LR 1) Learning Resources 2) Linear Regression
LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Checking
LSI Large Scale Integration
LRN Learning Resource interchange
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSE Local System Environment
LSI Large Scale Integrated
LSP Layered Service Provider
LTSC Learning Technology Standards Committee
LU Logical Unit
LVM Logical Volume Manager
LZW Lempel, Ziv and Welch
Computer Term English Meaning
M&S Modeling and Simulation
M2M Mobile to Mobile
MAC 1) Medium Access Control 2) Message Authentication Code
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MARC Machine Readable Cataloging
MAU Media Sccess Unit
Mb Megabits
MB MegaBytes
MBone Multicasting backBone
Mbps Megabits per second
MBR Master Boot Record
MCA Micro Channel Architecture
MCGA Multi-Colour Graphics Array
MCS Microsoft Cluster Server
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCU Main Control Unit
MDA Monochrome Display Adaptor
MDBMS Megadatabase Management System
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDX Multi-Dimensional eXpression
MEGACO Media Gateway Control
MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes
MG Media Gateway
MGC Media Gateway Controller
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
MHz MegaHertz
MIB Management Information Base
MIC Microphone
MICS Management Information & Control System
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIPS Millions of Instructions per Second
MIS Management Information System
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITS Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems
MHz Megahertz
MM Multimedia
MMC 1) Microsoft Management Console 2) Multi-Media Card 3) Multimedia Messaging Service
MME Microsoft Mobile Explorer
MMU 1) Mass Memory Unit 2) Memory Management Unit
MMVF Multimedia Video File
MMX MultiMedia eXtensions
MO Magneto-Optical
MOLAP Multidimensional On Line Analitical Processing
MONET Multiwavelenght Optical Networking
MOSFET Transistor of effect of metal-oxide-semiconductor field
MOTO Mail Order/Telephone Order
MP3 MPEG Layer-3 Audio
MPC Multimedia PC
MPEG Moving Pictures Experts Group
MPEG-1 Moving Pictures Experts Group 1
MPEG-2 Moving Pictures Experts Group 2
MPG MPEG format file
MPOA MultiProtocol Over ATM
MPP Massively Parallel Processing
MPS Message Processing Service
MQ Message Queue
MR Magneto Resistive
MRP Material Requirements Software
MS MicroSoft
MSAV MiscroSoft AntiVirus
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSCP Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSDOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSCS Microsoft Cluster Server
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MSMP Modeling and Simulation Master Plan
MSN MicroSoft Network internet service
MSNF Multiple Systems Networking Facility
MSRR Modeling and Simulation Resource Repository
MSS Multiprotocol Switched Services
MSTS MicroSoft Terminal Server
MSU Mass Storage Unit
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server
MTU Maximum Transfer Unit
MVP Most Valuable Product
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MVT Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MX Mail Exchange
Computer Term English Meaning
N/A Not Available
NAC Network Access Control
NACK Negative Acknowledgment
NAP Network Access Point
NAS Network-Attached Storage
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAT Network Address Translation
NC 1) Network Computers 2) Norton Comander
NCA Network Computing Architecture
NCB Node Control Block
NCC Network Control System
NCP Network Control Program
NCSA 1) National Computer Security Association 2) National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NDD Norton Disk Doctor
NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification
NDS NetWare Directory Services
NET No Electronic Theft
NetBEUI NetBios Extended User Interface
NetBIOS Network Basic Input / Output System
NFS Network File System
NGI Next-Generation Internet
NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NI Non-Interlaced
NIC 1) Network Interface Card 2) Network Information Center
NiCad Nickel Cadmium
NICE Narrative, Immersion, Constructivist/Collaborative Environment
NIF Network Information File
NII National Information Infrastructure
NiMH Nickel Metal Hydrate
NIS Network Infomation Service
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technologies
NLC Natural Language Command
NLP Natural Language Processing
NMS Network Management System
NN Network Node
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol
NOC Network Operations Center
NOS Network Operating System
NR Negative Response
nrt-VBR Non-Real-Time Variable Bit Rate
ns nanosecond
NSA National Security Agency (USA)
NSAPI Netscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSF National Science foundation
NSFNET National Science foundation Network
NSP Network Services Protocol
NT Windows NT
NTFS NT File System
NTONC National Transparent Optical Network Consortium
NTP Network Time Protocol
NTS Windows NT Server
NTSC National Transmission Standards Committee
NU Norton Utilities
NVP Network Voice Protocol
Computer Term English Meaning
OAI Open Archives Initiative
OASIS Organization for Advancement Structured Information Sciences
OC Optical Carrier
OC3 Optical Carrier 3
OC12 Optical Carrier 12
OC48 Optical Carrier 48
OCA Open Communication Architectures
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol
OCX OLE Control Extension
ODBC Open DataBase Conectivity
ODF Open Document Format
ODI 1) Open Device Interface 2) Open Data link Interface
ODM Original Design Manufacturing
ODMG Object Database Management Group
ODU Outdoor Unit
OE Outlook Express
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing
OID Object Identifier
OIL Ontology Interchange Language
OKI Open Knowledge Initiative
OL 1) On-Line 2) Open Learning 3) Ordered List
OLAP On Line Analitical Processing
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLED Organic Light-Emitting Diode
OLL Online Learning
OLRT Online Real Time
OLT Online Transactions
OLTP On Line Transaction Processing
OMA Object Management Architecture
OMG Object Management Group
OMR Optical Mark Reader
OMT 1) Object Model Template 2) Object Modeling Technology u Object Modeling Technique
ONA Open Network Architecture
ONG Organización No Gubernamental
OO Object-Oriented
OOA Object-Oriented Analysis
OOD Object-Oriented Design
OODB Object-Oriented Database
OODBMS Object Oriented DBMS
OOP Object Oriented Programming
OPAC Online Payment and Collection
OPAC Online Public Access Catalog
OPC OLE for Process Control
OPSEC Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity
OQL Object Query Language
ORB Object Request Broker
ORBD Object Relational Database
ORDBMS Object Relational DBMS
OS Operating System
OSCAR Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use
OSD Open Software Description
OSE Office Server Extensions
OSF Open Software Foundation
OSI 1) Open Systems Interconnection 2) Open Source Initiative
OSP Open Settlement Protocol
OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OSS Open Source Software
OSS Operations Support System
OSTG Open Source Technology Group
OTG On-The-Go
OWL Web Ontology Language
Computer Term English Meaning
P Parallel port
PABX Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PAL 1) Phase Alternating Line 2) Programmable Array Logic
PAN Personal Area Network
PAS Pascal Source Code (file extension)
PAT Port Address Translation
PBD Power Builder Dynamic Library
PBE Password-Based Encryption
PBKDF Password-Based Key Derivation Function
PBX Private Branch eXchange
PC Personal Computer
PC Card Personal Computer Card
PC/PCI Personal Computer / PCI
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCI 1) Personal Computer Interface 2) Program Controlled Interruption
PCL Printer Control Language
PCM Personal Computer Memory
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCT Private Communications Technology
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDF Portable Document Format
PDIP Plastic Dual-In-line Package
PDM Product Data Management
PDN Public Data Network
PDP Programmable Data Processor
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PENS Package Exchange Notification Services
PEP Packet Exchange Protocol
PER Packed Encoding Rules
PET Positron Emission Tomography
PGP Pretty Good Privacy
PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PICS Plataform for Internet Content Selection
PID 1) Packet Identifier 2) Process Identifier
PIM 1) Protocol - Independent Multicast 2) Personal Information Manager
PIN Personal Identification Number
PING Packet InterNet Groper
PIO Pin Input/Output
PKC Public Key Criptosystem
PKCS Public Key Cryptography Standard
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PL Perl (file extension)
PLA Programmable Logic Array
PLC Packet-Loss Concealment
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLD Programmable Logic Device
PL/SQL Procedural Language SQL
PMA Passive Member Address
PN Part Number
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PnP Plug and Play
POE Power Over Ethernet
POP 1) Post Office Protocol 2) Point Of Presence
POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3
POS Point Of Sale
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
ppm Pages Per Minute
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
ppp .
PPPoE PPP over Ethernet
PPS Precise Positioning Service
PPT Power Point (file extension)
PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
PQF Prefix Query Format
PR Problem Report
PRF Pseudo-Random Function
PRN Printer
PROM Programmable ROM
PS 1) PostScript 2) Presentation Services
PSDN Packet-Switched Data Network
PSE Personal Secure Environment
PSN Packet-Switched Network
PSP Program Segment Prefix
PSQL Procedural SQL
PSR PowerSoft Report
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSW Program Status Word
PSYC Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing
PTN Public Telephone Network
PTR Pointer
PU Physical Unit
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVD Positive Voice Detection
PWI Public Windows Interface
PWR Power
Computer Term English Meaning
QA Quality Assurance
QA&C Quality Assurance and Control
QBASIC Quick Basic
QC Quality Control
QDOS Quick and Dirty Operating System
QE Quality Engineer
QEB Quality Engineering Branch
QED Quod Erat Demonstrandum
QEM Quality Engineering Memorandum
QFD Quality Function Deployment
QNH Atmospheric Pressure at Nautical Height
QNTY Quantity
QOS Quality of Service
QSXGA Quad Super XGA
QTI Question and Test Interoperability
QT Quick Time
QVGA Quarter VGA
QXGA Quad Extended Graphics Array
Computer Term English Meaning
R&D Research and Development
RA Relational Algebra
RAD Tools Rapid Application Development Tools
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
RADSL Rate-Adaptive DSL
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAID-0 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 0
RAID-1 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 1
RAID-2 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 2
RAID-3 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 3
RAID-4 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 4
RAID-5 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - level 5
RAM Random Access Memory
RAND 1) Random 2) Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory
RAS Remote Access Server
RCE Radio Control Equipment
RCL Radio Communications Link
RCS Revision Control System
RCST Return Channel Satellite Terminal
RDA Remote Database Access
RDB Reverse-Engineering Data Base
RDBMS Relational DataBase Management System
RDF 1) Resource Description Format 2) Resource Description Framework
RDO Remote Data Objects
RE Reverse Engineering
REST Representational State Transfer
RF Radio Frequency
RFC Request For Comments
RFCOMM Radio Frequency Communication
RFDC Radio Frequency Data Communication
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFM Radio Frequency Monitor
RFP Request For Proposal
RGB Red, Green and Blue
RI Ring Indicator
RIA Rich Internet Application
RIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RIP Routing Internet Protocol
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RJE Remote Job Entry
RIP 1) Routing Information Protocol 2) Raster Image Processor
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RM 1) Reference Model 2) Resource Manager
RMI Remote Method Invocation
RNR Receive Not Ready
ROI Return On Investment
ROLAP Relational On Line Analitical Processing
ROM Read Only Memory
ROR Ruby on Rails
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPM Revolutions per minute
RPN Reverse Polish Notation
RR Receive Ready
RRD Round Robin Database
RS 1) RISC System 2) Recommended Standard
RS/6000 RISC System 6000
RSA Rivest, Shamir and Adleman
RSS Rich Site Summary
RSVP Resource reSerVation Protocol
RTC Public Switched Telephone Network
RTCP Real-Time Control Protocol
RTF Rich Text Format
RTLS Real-Time Locating Systems
RTM Response-Time Monitor
RTOS Real-Time Operating System
RTP 1) Real-time Transport Protocol 2) Real-Time Protocol
RTR Ready To Receive
RTS 1) Real-Time Strategy 2) Ready To Send 2) Request To Send
RTSP Real-Time Streaming Protocol
RTTP Real-Time Transaction Processing
rt-VBR Real-Time Variable Bit Rate
RU Request (o Response) Unit
RX Receiver (o Receive) Data
RZ Return-to-Zero
Computer Term English Meaning
S56 Switchet 56
S/M SyncMaster
S/MIME Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
S/N 1) Signal-to-Noise ratio 2) Serial Number
S2K Serials 2000
S Serial port
SA 1) Security Association 2) System Administration
SAA System Applications Architecture
SACD Super Audio CD
SACK Selective ACK
SALT Speech Application Language Tags
SAM Security Accounts Manager
SAMBA Session Message Block
SAML Security Assertions Markup Language
SAN Storage Area Network
SAP Service Access Point
SAR Segmentation and Reassembly Layer
SAS Serial Attached SCSI
SASDK Speech Application SDK
SASL Simple Authentication and Security Layer
SAX Simple API for XML
SB Sound Blaster
SBC Single Board Computer
SBC Sub Band Codec
SBCS Single-Byte Character Set
SC Standard connector
SCA System Communication Architecture
SCADA System Control And Data Acquisition
SCB Session Control Block
SCC Serial Communications Controller
SCM 1) Session Control Manager 2) Source Control Management
SCO 1) Sharable Content Object 2) Synchronous Connection Oriented
SCORM 1) Shareable Content Object Reference Model 2) Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model
SCP Session Control Point
SCS Safety Computer System
SCSA Signal Computing System Architecture
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SD Super Density
SDDI Shielded Distributed Data Interface
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI Single Document Interface
SDIF Standard Document Interchange Format
SDIO Secure Digital Input/Output
SDK Software Development Kit
SDKJ Software Development Kit for Java
SDL System Description Language
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control protocol
SDN Software-Defined Network
SDP Service Discovery Protocol
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic RAM
SDSL Single-Line Digital Subscriber Line / Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SEC Single Edge Contact
SET Secure Electronic Transaction
SFS Shared File System
SFT System Fault Tolerance
SGI Silicon Graphics Inc.
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGRAM Synchronous Graphics RAM
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
SIG Special Interest Group
SIMD Single Instruction Multiple Data
SIMM Single In-Line Memory Module
SIMPLE SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIPC Simply Interactive PC
SIS Silicon Integrated Systems
SISA Simulation-based Intelligent Training and Assessment
SISO Single Input, Single Output
SKAP Strong Key Management and Authentication Protocol
SKIP Simple Key Management for Internet Protocol
SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System
SLAs Service-Level Agreements
SLI Scan-Line Interlacing
SLIP Serial Line Interface Protocol
SLR Single-Lens Reflex
SM Session Manager
SMB Session Message Block
SMDS Synchronous Multimegabit Data Service
SMP Symmetric Multiprocessing
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMS System Managed Storage
SMT 1) Surface Mount Technology 2) Symmetric Multi-Threading
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNPP Simple Network Paging Protocol
SNR Signal/Noise Ratio
SOA Start of Authority
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOE Standard Operating Environment
SOHO Small Office Home Office
SOI Signals of Interest
SOIC Small-Outline Integrated Circuit
SOM Schema Object Model
SONET Synchronous Optical NETwork
SPARQL Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language
SPEC Specification
SPEC_95 Specification 95
SPF Sender Policy Framework
SPIDs Service Profile IDentifiers
SPP Scalable Parallel Processing
SPS Standard Positioning Service
SPX Sequenced Packet eXchange
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan
SQE Software Quality Engineer
SQL Structured Query Language
SRM 1) Software Reference Manual 2) System Resource Manager
SRS 1) Sender Rewriting Scheme 2) Software Requirements Specification
SRW Search and Retrieval for the Web
SS7 Signaling System No. 7
SS Spread Spectrum
SSA Serial Storage Architecture
SSE Streaming SIMD Extensions
SSH Secure Shell
SSL Secure Socket Layer
SSML Speech Synthesis Markup Language
SSOP 1) Security Standard Operating Procedures 2) Shrink Small Outline Package
ST Standard Type
STD Standard
STL Standard Template Library
STM Synchronous Transfer Mode
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
STX Start of Text
SVAPI Speaker Verification API
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
SVD Simultaneous Voice Data
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SVH Spin Valve Head
SWOP Standard Web Off-set Press
SWT Standard Widget Toolkit
SYN Synchronization
Computer Term English Meaning
T1 T-carrier channel 1
T2 T-carrier channel 2
T3 T-carrier channel 3
T4 T-carrier channel 4
T-carrier T-carrier channel
T&E Test and Evaluation
T/R Transmit/Receive
TAM Telephone Answering Machine
TAP Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol
TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface
TAR 1) Tape Archive 2) True Accept Rate
TAS TotalNet Advanced Server
TBD To Be Determined o To Be Done
TCM Time-Compression Multiplexing
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDP Tag Distribution Protocol
TDS Tabular Data Stream
TE Terminal Equipment
TELNET Tele Network
TFT Thin Film Transistor
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TI .
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TID Terminal Identification Number
TIFF Tag Image File Format
TLD 1) Top Level Design 2) Top Level Domain
TLS Transport Layer Security
TM TradeMark
TMX Translation Memory eXchange
TP Transaction Processing
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Pack
TR 1) Technical Report 2) Token Ring
TRA Token Ring Adapter
TRC Tuples Relational Calculus
TRIP Telephony Routing over IP
TS Transaction Services
TSOP Thin Small-Outline Package
TSP Telephony Service Providers
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident
TSS Telecommunications Standard Sector
TTL Time To Live
TTL Transistor to Transistor Logic
TTS Text To Speech
TTY Terminal Type
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange
TX Transmitter o Transmit Data
TZ Time Zone
Computer Term English Meaning
U W SCSI Ultra Wide SCSI
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
UCB Unit Control Block
UCC Uniform Code Council
UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email
UDDI Universal Discovery Description Integration
UDF Universal Disk Format
UDI Unrestricted Digital Information
UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDT Universal Development Tool
UFDA USB Flash Drive Alliance
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UI User Interface
UID Unique Identification Number
UID User Identification
UL 1) Unordered Lists 2) UpLoad
UML Unified Modeling Language
UMS USB Mass Storage
UNI User Network Interface
UNIVAC UNIVersal Automatic Computer
UPC Universal Product Code
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
URL Universal Resource Locator
URN Uniform Resource Name
USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTC Coordinated Universal Time / Temp Universel Coordonné
UTF Unicode Transformation Format
UV Ultraviolet
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
Computer Term English Meaning
V.90 V.90 Standard
V&V Verification and Validation
V. CCITT Code Designation
V Version
VA Visual Age
VAR 1) Value-Added Reseller 2) Variable
VB Visual Basic
VBNS Very-high-speed Backbone Network Service Very-high Bandwidth Network Service
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VBX Visual Basic ControlS
VC Virtual Channel
VCC Virtual Channel Connections
VCD Video CD
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier
VCM Virtual Channel Memory
VCP Virtual Channel Path
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VCS Version Control System
VDD Virtual Device Driver
VDI Video Device Interface
VDSL Very-high-rate DSL
VDU Video Display Unit
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VGA Video Graphics Array
VHCS Virtual Hosting Control System
VHF Very High Frequency
VHS Vertical Helical Scan
VIC Voice Interface Card
VLAN Virtual LAN
VLB VESA Local Bus
VLE Virtual Learning Environment
VLIW Very Long Instruction Words
VLSI Very Large Scale of Integration
VM 1) Virtual Machine 2) Virtual Machine
VMD Virtual Manufacturing Device
VML Vector Markup Language
VMS 1) Virtual Memory System 2) Voice Messaging System
VN Virtual Network
VoIP Voice over IIP
VoxML Voice Markup Language
VPN Virtual Private Network
VQFP Very Thin Quad Flat Package
VR Virtual Reality
VRC Vertical Redundancy Checking
VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language
VRU Voice Response Unit
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
VUI Voice User Interface
Computer Term English Meaning
W3 World Wide Web
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative
WAN Wide Area Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WAR Web Archive
WBC WideBand Channel
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management
WBT Web-Based Training
WBXML Wireless Binary XML
WDDX Web Distributed Data Exchange
WDM 1) Wave Division Multiplexing 2) Windows Driver Model
WebDAV Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy
WEP Wireless Encryption Protocol
WF Web Farming
WfM Wired For Management
WFW Windows For Workgroups
WG Working Group
WHATWG Web Hypertext Applications Technology Working Group
WiFi Wireless Fidelity (IEEE 802.11b)
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WINS Windows Internet Naming Service
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WMA Windows Media Audio
WMF Windows Metafile Format
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMV Windows Media Video
WORM Write Once, Read Many
WP Word Perfect
WPAN Wireless Personal Area Network
WPG Word Perfedt Graphics
WRAM Windows RAM
WSCI Web Service Choreography Interface
WSCLE Web Services Conversion Language
WSDL Web Services Definition Language
WSFL Web Services Flow Language
WSP Wireless Session Protocol
WSQ Wavelet Scalar Quantization
WWW World Wide Web
WYSIWYG What You See is What You Get
Computer Term English Meaning
X X Window System
X. CCITT Recommendation Designation
x2 Times 2
XA Extended Architecture
XACML XML Access Control Markup Language
XAML Extensible Application Markup Language
XAP eXtensible Ajax Platform
XBAP XAML Browser Applications
XDR XML Data Reduced
xDSL x Digital Subscriber Line
XHTML Extensible HTML
XID Exchange Identification
XKMS XML Key Management Specification
XLANG Web Services for Business Process Design
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMP Extensible Metadata Platform
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XP Extreme Programming
XPS XML Paper Specification
XQL XML Query Language
XSD XML Schema Definition
XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language
XSLFO XSL Formatting Objects
XSLT XSL Transformations
XSS Cross-Site Scripting
XST Cross Site Tracing
XT Extra Technology
XUL Extensible User Interface Language
Computer Term English Meaning
Y2K Year 2000
YACC Yet Another Compiler Compiler
Computer Term English Meaning
ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIP Zone Information Protocol
ZIS Zone Information Socket
ZIT Zone Information Table